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Posted on April 21 2020

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 We’re thinking about setting a world record. Beer-related of course!

Whilst we ponder what to do, here’s a list of record-breaking beer triumphs that we stumbled across. Anyone up for the challenge? Please drink responsibly etc. etc.

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Largest collection of beer bottles: Ron Werner set this record in 2012. His collection in Carnation, Washington, consists of 25,866 individual beer bottles. Ron started collecting bottles at the age of 14 and adds around 1,000 beer bottles each year.

Largest collection of beer mats: With mats from 192 countries, tegestologist (beer mat collector) Leo Pisker in Langenzersdorf, Austria, recorded a collection of 152,860 different beer mats. The largest mat in his collection is 76cm x 76cm and the smallest mat is 25mm by 25mm, both from the UK.

Largest collection of beer labels: This title goes to Hendrik Thomann in Erlangen, Germany. Hendrick broke the record in 2012 and has 548,567 different labels – 173,324 from Germany alone.

Largest collection of beer towels: Robert Begley from Chambersburg, USA, recorded having 2,373 towels from 27 different countries in 2005.

Largest collection of beer glasses: With 13,000 beer glasses, Rudolf Heindl broke this record in 2004 in Weisskirchen, Austria. He collected them from over 4,000 breweries over two decades.

Most beer consumed in a single sitting: “Andre the Giant” holds the record after consuming 119 standard-sized bottles of beer in a six-hour period (probably resulting in a six-day hangover).

Largest bottle cap pyramid: Made with 308,945 caps the largest bottle cap pyramid was built by 12 school kids in Krasnystaw, Poland. The pyramid was completed in September 2000 and consisted of 97 layers of bottle caps. It took almost 9 days to complete.

Most beer mats balanced on elbow and caught palm up: A bit of an odd record achievement, but Dean Gould from Felixstowe caught 2,390 beer mats in one hand. In July 2000, he stacked the giant collection on his forearm and released them in a downward motion before catching them palm up.

Highest number of beer mats flipped with one hand: Appropriately named Mat Hand from Nottingham flipped and caught 112 beer mats in 2001. After 129 attempts over 4 hours, he broke his own previous record of 111.

Most beer mats flipped and caught in one minute: Flipping more than 1 mat per second, Ashrita Furman managed to flip 74 mats in 1 minute in New York in 2013.

Most beer brands on draft AND the most varieties of beers on draft: These two awards go to Raleigh Beer Garden in the USA. In 2015 they had beers from 203 different breweries on tap and 369 different varieties of beer. Impressive.

Largest beer mat structure: In 2004, Sven Goebel from Kall in Germany built the largest beer mat structure, measuring 3 meters tall and 5 meters wide. He used 70,000 beer mats and no adhesive of any kind!

Highest beer keg toss: Thor Björnsson from Iceland tossed a beer keg a whopping 8.05 meters in the air whilst participating on a record-breaking show in Milan, Italy in 2014. The keg weighed 12.32 kg.

Most glasses of beer pulled in one hour: This award went to Achim Gratias in Hürtgenwald, Germany in 2006. He pulled 1,437 glasses of beer in just one hour.

Most drinks cans crushed by hand whilst holding an egg in 30 seconds: Another slightly whacky record, but Huang Linhai from Tianjin, China, managed to crush 45 unopened 500ml beer cans by hand in 2018.

Largest beer tasting: 1,236 people took part in the largest beer tasting in March 2016 at The Publican Awards’ annual ceremony in London.

Longest burp: Not specifically beer related, but an achievement nonetheless! Michele Frogione recorded the longest burp in Italy in 2009. It lasted 1 minute, 13 seconds and 57 milliseconds!

Remember to let us know if you take any of these on ... 

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