Alphabet Brewing

Julia Haycocks

Posted on September 27 2020

Alphabet Brewing Team

We’re delighted to be introducing you to Manchester-based Alphabet Brewing this month.

These hard-working brewers produce good, clean, fresh beer. Exactly what they set out to do when the brewery was established, back in 2014.

Alphabet Brewing

Despite being ‘on the block’ for 6 years (in fact, it’s their birthday this month), there’s not one person still working at the brewery that’s been there from the beginning. This isn’t unusual for such a progressive brewery – fresh blood means fresh ideas, constantly building on the strong foundation that was established, while evolving new, experimental beers at the same time. New learnings are even used to enhance flavours and expand the range, making them even better!

As you may well know, Manchester is renowned for its traditional brewing history. Alphabet decided to flip this on its head and planned to move the beer world forward, by brewing even more progressive beers. Their impact has been made, as the Manchester craft beer scene is now booming!

Alphabet Brewery

Their core range are easy-drinking and sessionable, we love them. They produce great ‘specials’ too, like ‘Juice Lee’ (a dragon fruit & lychee IPA) and ‘Juice Willis’, a tropical milkshake DIPA. A nice couple of juicy celebrities to sit alongside their core range superstar, ‘Juice Springsteen’ (a tropical IPA). We’re loving the names and labels that go alongside them.

Alphabet Artwork

The label artwork is awesome, illustrated by the only person who has been with Alphabet since the beginning (so we lied slightly about no-one being around for the full six years!). Local street-artist Nick Hamilton (‘Hammo’) designs labels that make their beers scream out amongst a sea of craft beer. Hammo’s masterpieces often comes from very simple (sometimes one-line) briefs from the brewery – just showing the real talent and skill behind what you see on the can.

Alphabet & Brew Republic Collab Beer - Shake It Off

You’ll get an EXCLUSIVE look at some of his artwork on a beer we’ve created with Alphabet. 'Shake It Off' is a milkshake IPA brewed just for Brew Republic comrades! If you’re on our Discovery or Premium subscription this month, you’ll find one in your case, you lucky things. And, of course, you can get it from the bottleshop if you missed out or for those that love it as much as we do and are looking to get their hands on more.

Recent times have been tough for everyone, especially those trying to run a business somewhere hit with extra lock-down measures, like Manchester. But Alphabet have kept rolling with the punches. They have learnt to be agile, quickly making decisions on how much beer goes into cask and keg and how much they’ll need to can to meet local ‘drink-at-home’ demand. If you’re a local to Piccadilly station in Manchester, then you could be lucky enough to grab one of their beers in a nearby pub before heading off at 10pm to enjoy some cans at home.

Alphabet Tap Room

Alphabet it all about light-hearted fun. The tap room is open, bright and inviting – a great place for a party (not right now, obviously). Their energy and passion show through to their beers. They’re leading the way with craft beer – moving traditional styles into the 21st Century, always enhancing and tweaking brews with the best quality ingredients and being sold super-fresh. You can really tell the difference in the beer when the brewers are loving what they do.

Alphabet checking beer

It’s as important as ever now to be able to support small-batch brewers and share their delicious beers with everyone. So, if you’re not in Manchester, we have you sorted and are delighted to be able to get the beers out to you.

We’re proud to have them as our featured brewer for October and hope you love the exclusive Shake It Off beer, along with the others we’ve chosen for you to enjoy.

Cheers Comrades!

Alphabet illustration Cheers!

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