Discovery: February 2021

Posted on February 25 2021

Mondo Brewing

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Another month, another great case! This time we’re heading to Battersea to meet Mondo Brewing. Founded by two Americans, Tom Palmer and Todd Matteson, their name ‘Mondo’ means ‘world’ in Italian, so it’s no surprise that they draw inspiration from all around the globe.

Homebrewing was the starting point for them both in the States. Then after living all over the world, they ended up in the UK in 2013. They both began working with London Fields Brewery, always on the same late shifts, brewing, filling boxes, packing orders. They became great friends and soon they had an exciting business plan of their own!

They found premises in an old warehouse, full of light, space and potential to build a brewery and taproom. It’s a place full of character and atmosphere, where brilliant beers are brewed.

Our beer expert, Jared, couldn’t wait to work with the two fellow Americans on an exclusive collaboration just for you. The West Coast IPA, Moth to a Flame, was born and we’ve popped one in your case to enjoy. You can learn more about Mondo whilst you’re drinking your exclusive beer, too! Hop over to the “Meet the Brewers” article.

Cheers comrade!

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