Hop Hunters: April 2021

Posted on April 07 2021

Founders of Brew York, Lee Grabham and Wayne Smith

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We’re delighted to be introducing you to Brew York this month. Not only do they love puns, their beers are seriously good!

Founders Lee Grabham and Wayne Smith were experimenting with home-brewing in their converted sheds when they met. Their shared love of beer and brewing soon led to a few too many down at their local in 2015, and they thought ‘why don’t we?’. Brew York soon became only the second brewery to open within the ancient walls of York.

York already had plenty of beers to offer, but mainly traditional ale. Brew York wanted to offer something different. They succeeded!

Their range is modern, hoppy and delicious. You don’t have to just take our word for it … they’ve won a lot of awards, too. They’re not only brave with their brewing, but in the middle of the pandemic they’ve secured two new locations for expansion: new venues are opening in Leeds and Pocklington (just outside York). We can’t wait to visit and enjoy some laughs over a beer, or three.

You can learn more about Brew York in our “Meet the Brewers” article.

Cheers comrade!

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