Hop Hunters: March 2021

Posted on February 25 2021

Stroud Brewery Team

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This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to Stroud Brewery, founded by Greg Pilley in 2006. Greg combines his love of beer with a firm belief in championing both the environment and the community. We are really keen to support him during these trying times, and know our comrades will be too.

Stroud’s desire for maximum sustainability started with building their premises from scratch. They use a kit for rainwater collection, and plan to install solar panels for energy. They use energy-efficient coolers, while heat generated from the fermenting beer warms the building and aids in the brewing process. Spent grain feeds local livestock, and spent hops become compost. Nothing goes to waste!

As for beer style, their guiding principle is “classic, and then some”. In Stroud’s terms this means a classic style, with a unique twist! Give the beer in your case a try and see for yourself!

We’re proud to be supporting Stroud this month and know you’ll feel the same when you crack open their beer. Learn more about Stroud, their sustainability and working with the community in our “Meet the Brewers” article.

Cheers comrade!

Hop Hunters Renewal Case 12 beers March 2021

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