Premium: January 2021

Posted on February 25 2021

Gorgeous Brewery

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This month, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Sam and Rob (and Rodney the dog!) who own Gorgeous Brewery. Based in the North London village of Highgate, they run a seven day operation of both the brewery and The Bull pub which they own and operate.

The brother and sister duo have beer in their veins! Their grandmother grew up in a pub and entertained them both with countless stories as kids. No surprise that they asked her pull one of the first pints in their pub back when they first opened in 2016. Rob and Sam have a brilliant team behind them, assisting in running a top-notch craft brewery where everything is made by hand, with patience and the best ingredients.

This month, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying their beer in your case. Learn more about Gorgeous Brewing in our “Meet the Brewers” article.

Cheers comrade!

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