Stout Club: March 2021

Posted on April 07 2021

Stout Club: March 2021

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The case includes:

Mikkeller | Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa Shake | 13% – Legendary brewer Mikkeller combines 3 different versions of their Beer Geek series, raises the ABV to 13%, and puts it in a 500ml can for ya'. Don’t feel guilty, you deserve it!

The Mobberley Brewhouse | Circuit Breaker | 10.5% – Limited to only 58 cases released in the whole of the UK, this one was hard to come by! Cinnamon and vanilla create flavours of Mexican hot chocolate and churros. Medium-full bodied and incredibly well balanced.

Wiper and True | Barrel Aged Hard Shake | 11% – A very smooth, medium-bodied stout with notes of dark treacle and dark chocolate nougat, with fresh coconut and vanilla from 8 months in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels. Surprisingly easy-drinking and more approachable than the description suggests.

Buxton | Rain Shadow 2021 | 10% – The latest version of Buxton's modern classic. A throwback to more classic imperial stouts with a very present roasted malt character, along with aromas of coffee grounds and dark fruit. No fluff here.

Brew York | HYG | 10% – Engage full pastry stout mode! Peanut, caramel and marshmallow milk stout. Creamy and sweet, a perfect substitute for a chocolate bar.

Siren | Odyssey 011 | 11.5% – We wait around all year for the Odyssey release, and now we have it! Siren's blend is made primarily of beer from bourbon barrels, but this year has two rum barrels in the mix as well. A portion of this blend is made up of "Dark & Perilous Nights" which Is Siren's highest-rated beer, ever. High alcohols from spirits, along with port and sherry notes, make this one to savour.

Oskar Blues | Ten Fidy | 10.5% – Viscous and dark as night with dark caramel and chocolate, plus a tonne of oats added for body. Distinct coffee and dark malt aromas along with firm bittering keep things from getting too sweet. Oskar Blues has been brewing and improving Ten Fidy for nearly 15 years now and we're not sure it can get much better.

Double Barrelled | Roger & Marcello | 7.4% – A collaboration beer with Anonymous Coffee of Reading. Topazio coffee from Brazil layer red cherry and hazelnut over classic roasted coffee flavours in this delicious breakfast stout.

Stout Club March 2021 case

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