About Us

"What’s your story?” I hear you ask.

It all began because we were bored. Bored of mundane, flavourless beer. Bored of the white fridges of lifeless products. Bored of inflexible, mediocre beer clubs that hook you in with a free case then let you down each month. We set about to change all that. First, for ourselves and now for you.

Brew Republic at Vintage Festival

We started roaming the country, visiting small, independent breweries to learn more about their craft and drink more interesting beer. What we discovered were great stories and the most delicious and freshest beers we’d tasted. What stood out were the people. Passionate, skilful, craftsmen, working to create beers they truly loved.

It was a no-brainer. We needed a beer club that’d bring all of this together. We wanted to help these small-batch beer producers - the brewers who can’t reach as far and wide as the big boys - to bring these delicious and fresh beers to your home. Gone are the days of buying mass-produced beers and our boredom. The Republic was born!

The brewers we met had captivating stories, telling us how they got started and being excited about where they’re headed. But what’s more, they wanted people like you to enjoy their beers. Beer-loving comrades who would appreciate them. That’s why we feature a Brewery of the Month so we can really bring these stories to life and to bring their tap rooms to your home.

We also wanted fellow comrades to have a beer club that was made for them. A club that listened. A club that offers the choice of the style of beer you really want and the choice of how often you get it.

Oh, we almost forgot, we are also making our own beer, starting with an IPA.

Join us and escape the boredom. Have the freedom to find a new favourite brewery and beer and let us bring a new local to your front door. Join us in supporting ‘local’ brewers who brew simply because they love to brew. How it should be and what we all deserve.

For the Republic!

Brought to you by Brew Republic - the beer club that tracks down small batch beers from passionate, skilful independent brewers that treat brewing like a craft. Join Us!